pin sighting screen shots 

This arcade scene takes place somewhere between 1956 and 1958, however, much of the coin-op stuff is from the 60's and 70's, some of which were the first ones I dropped coins into when I was a kid.

If you can identify any of the mystery stuff I couldn't figure out or provide more information about this place shown below, please email me. Thanks, Pingeek.

The games in the distance, from left to right, a 1976 Gottlieb "Target Alpha" pin, a 1971 Williams "Doodle Bug" or possibly "Love Bug" pin, possibly a Gottlieb add a ball pin of some sort, a gun game, a driving game, and a 1974 Kee Games, "Tank" videogame, one of the first videogames I played, and one of my favorites.

On the right is a 1977 Exidy "Circus" videogame.

On the right is a 1974 Chicago Coin Speed Shift.

The cabinet with the checkered flag is a 1969 Chicago Coin Speedway.

The orange cabinet behind "Speedway" is a 1974 Chicago Coin Motorcycle racing game, similar to "Speedway," but with motorcycles instead of Indy cars.

On the right are "Speed Shift" and "Speedway."

On the left, some sort of gun game.

On the left is a Chicago Coin "Super Circus" gun game. If you are looking for this game, or other hard to find vintage coin-op stuff, check out Rocketland Coin-Op.

On the far right is a rare 1950 Exhibit "Six Shooter," which can be found at Old Sled Works' Penny Arcade, located in Duncannon, PA.

On this, and the previous screen shot, some sort of vintage photo booth is visible.

On the right are a couple of medal maker machines, which look similar to what I've seen at Old Sled Works. To the right, behind the reporter, is a 1972 Gottlieb "Flying Carpet" pin.

Against the wall, barely visible, is what appears to be a 1981 United Billiards Bimbo 3 Ring Circus" puppet game. However, this movie was released in 1979, and the coin entrance on the right does not match the 1981 version of this game.

Elvis and reporters don't mix.

To the right, the blue blur is actually another view of "Motorcycle," with the topper included.

On the left is a Gottlieb 1975 "Abra Ca Dabra" pin.

On the left is a Mike Munves 1950's "Monkey Organ" game.

On the left, some sort of sea battle game. Across from that, possibly an Atari or Kee late 70's "Indy 500" videogame.

On the right, against the wall, looks like possibly a 60's Gottlieb wedgehead pin. Right beside it, possibly a Williams gun game with pine trees on it.

During this skating rink scene, also barely visible, on the left, a 1976 Bally "Freedom" pin on the right, a 1975 "Wizard!" pin on the left with possibly an "out of order" sign or just some effort to cover up the title, and in the middle, possibly a 70's Kee or Atari driving videogame.

On the left, a 1973 Williams' "Upper Deck" pitch and bat pin.