pin sighting screen shots 

If you can identify any of the mystery stuff I couldn't figure out, please email me. Thanks, Pingeek.

Here's an old radio on the left side of the closet shelf, seen at 19 minutes into the movie.

Part of this rare pin is seen here in this bar scene at 30 minutes, 28 seconds. Electromechanical sounds can be heard.

The rectangular shaped faded area under the cowboy hat is probably where the route operator sticker had been at one time.

A vintage jukebox is visible under the "frontier contest" sign, both around 19 minutes and 53 minutes.

Somehow I just don't think this alley would be up to code in today's day and age.

Oh, uh, hey there.

To the left is another shot of the jukebox.

This and the Williams' 70's pin with the same title are mega rare.

Notice the cabinet has been painted blue.

Check out the old phone with the dry cell batteries.

On the right is some sort of Coca-Cola refrigerator/cooler.

On the left is a 1947 Seeburg trashcan jukebox.